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January 17, 2012
Content Marketing 101: Get The Balance Right
By Jim Connolly
Content Marketing can be super effective, so long as you do the right things, correctly. This post is all about one of the absolute basics: Getting the balance right.

Content Marketing & balance

It's extremely important to focus on the needs of your marketplace, rather than your own needs. People can tell instantly when a service provider has this balance wrong. A very common example we see daily, is when we arrive on sites and get hit by sales messages, banners and pop-ups - All demanding we do something for them. That's the completely wrong balance for successful Content Marketing.

The foundation of great Content Marketing, is to deliver useful information, which a targeted group of people will find valuable enough to subscribe to and share. By continuing to earn their attention, you position yourself as an authority on your subject and make it easy for them to contact you, when they have a requirement for someone with your expertise.

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